Training programme

The training programme seeks to empower all students to fully exploit the potential of their talent. The aim is to nurture scientific creativity and translational abilities, and to provide the groundwork for a career track in academia or the hospital sector.

DISCOVER’s vision is to empower a diverse group of international fellows to become a next generation of creative and responsible researchers, with an ability to translate their biomedical research into clinical value. We will do so by implementing

  • Excellent research opportunities in an top international research environment
  • Expert supervision and mentoring
  • Networking opportunities with other sectors and internationally
  • Transferable skills training
  • Career development activities

The fellows will build a broad set of competences and skills within research, research governance and transferable skills and participate in career development activities supporting their individual career goals.

Fellows will be formally enrolled at the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences to obtain a PhD degree following fulfilment of the fellowship and need to take courses of 30 ECTS in their fellowship period (scientific and transferable skills courses).

Research governance, Transferable skills, Training in resarch skills, Peer mentoring and career development plan (PCDP). For elaboration of these points please contact